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Ceramic Coating

Seeing as you have found your way here I am going to make a few assumptions,
1: Your motorcycle should always look fantastic.

2: You’ve exhausted yourself trying to remove scratches, water spots, dirt, road filth, etc. from your motorcycle (daily to weekly washing, monthly waxing), only to be dissatisfied with the results and the ongoing annoyance of having to keep up with the routine.

3: You find yourself searching for something new that will give you the level of presentation you desire with very minimal routine maintenance. A permanent solution to solve the issues of constant maintenance, oxidation, acid damage, and water spots.

Undoubtedly in your search for a miracle solution for your equipment, you have heard the words Ceramic Coating, the internet seems to be saturated with bad facts and sales pitches concerning ceramic coatings so our goal in this article is to summarize and clarify what a ceramic coating truly is, as well as what it DOES and DOES NOT offer.

Professional-grade ceramic coating is a chemical polymer solution that is applied to the exterior of your motorcycle. Ceramic coatings chemically bond with your clear coat to form a hydrophobic layer of protection from external paint damage.

So what does that mean exactly? Ceramic coatings bond with the surface of the clear coat without affecting the motorcycles’ paint and provides protection as a new outer layer to shield your paint from harmful external elements.

Paint Correction

Paint correction is an industry term that refers to the refinement and restoration of a paint job.
Paint correction can come in many shapes and forms and be used in different situations.
Paint correction is not just for your personal motorcycle with extreme signs of paint damage. Paint corrections can be performed on all kinds of vehicles to maintain a brand-new appearance.
What many do not realize is that their factory paint job isn’t refined after being applied to the motorcycle. This means an experienced paint correction specialist can use various techniques such as chemical decontamination, clay barring, buffing/polishing, or for some extreme cases sanding to refine the factory paint and enhance the clarity, gloss, and shine of even the newest of motorcycles.
Paint correction minimizes or removes water spots, scratches, swirls, orange peel, and various other imperfections. 
Nearly all motorcycles have paint defects and damage directly from the manufacturer, this damage is worsened over time from UV exposure, mineral etching, and improper or even automated washing. Our goal is to reverse this damage and leave your equipment looking better than the factory.

Ceramic Coating

The ultimate experience in protection, shine, and peace of mind.

Acid Protection

Whether you realize it or not your farm equipment is constantly under attack (especially here in the south) by acid damage, this comes in the form of bug guts, bird poop, and other harmful elements such as spilled chemicals, gasoline, etc.

UV Protection

We all know how easily the sun can damage things, and your tractors are no different, UV damage from direct sunlight is one of the major causes of Oxidation and clear coat failure. Ceramic coatings provide the highest level of UV protection available on the market.

Water Spots & Chemical Etching

Ever wonder why you have spots left behind on your tractor or harvester after washing or from rainwater, sprinklers, puddles, etc.? Water acts as a carrier for chemicals that are left behind on your equipment after the water evaporates, these chemicals then start eating through your tractor's paint and do not stop until they reach metal. Ceramic coatings are resistant to chemical damage and help to prevent water spots.

Does ceramic coating prevent rock chips?

The ceramic coating does in fact add a degree of scratch and chip resistance: professional grade ceramic coatings create a much harder outer layer than your paint previously provided, this in combination with the added slickness helps to prevent damage from light scratches and deflect minor impacts.

Hydrophobic Layer

Ceramic coatings become a hydrophobic shell on the exterior of your equipment this causes water to instantly bead up and shed off of the surface of your tractor or harvester which makes washing an absolute breeze and also helps to prevent the depositing of harmful chemicals that would normally build up on your paint.
on top of being hydrophobic Ceramic coating positively charges the surface which keeps particles from being able to easily grab on or bond to the surface of your equipment.

Minimal Maintenance

​Along with the protections provided a ceramic-coated vehicle requires far less upkeep than a non-coated farm vehicle, the simplicity of cleaning is sure to save you time and money as well as never having to wax again!

Ultimate Shine

The ceramic coating enhances the gloss and depth of your equipment’s paint and greatly improves the aesthetics of your farm vehicles.

Paint Correction

We take pride in providing you with the highest quality of decontamination, paint correction, and a higher level of gloss, depth, and shine than the day your vehicle left the dealership.


A crucial part of prepping a farming vehicle for a ceramic coating is stripping away any harmful chemicals, acids, embedded dirt, etc
We use a multi-step decontamination process on every vehicle we coat to ensure a clean slate for us to work with.
This process includes a chemical stripping to remove any wax, sealants, tar, and a variety of other stuck-on contaminants, as well as a physical clay barring to remove more stubborn embedded contaminates from the pores of the paint.

Machine Polishing

We all know how easily the sun can damage things, and your tractors are no different, UV damage from direct sunlight is one of the major causes of Oxidation and clear coat failure. Ceramic coatings provide the highest level of UV protection available on the market.

Wet Sanding

In some extreme situations, our Technicians may implement wet sanding or block sanding to remove Heavy imperfections, minimize extreme orange peel, or address a myriad of other types of major paint defects.

Quality Control

The process of paint correction is almost a form of art, our skilled Technicians are often implementing techniques, and using tools, that in the hands of an untrained individual could very quickly damage or even strip the paint entirely from the area being worked. Besides the level of experience and skill that our Technicians possess, we also implement many very useful tools to ensure that we are not at risk of causing any damage to the farm equipment.
We continually measure the thickness of paint throughout the process of paint correction using digital paint thickness gauges as well as closely examining damaged areas using wireless handheld microscopes.

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coating types for motorcycles

Total Bike Package

The coating is applied to exterior painted surfaces.

Same application as Type 2, with added features:

  • NChrome
  • NMetal
  • NWheels
  • NLeather

5 Year Warranty Included!

Total Package (paint, metal/chrome, wheels, leather)

starts at $999 and goes up to $1499

Painted Surfaces

tank, fenders, saddlebags, & fairings.

Industrial Coatings and DO NOT need yearly maintenance.

Not sure what your long-term plans are? This coating is a good option because you can extend the life of it for 6, 8, 10 years. 

  • NResistance to chemicals
  • NUV resistance
  • NMuch More!

5 Year Warranty Included!

Industrial Coatings package

starts at $749

Painted Surfaces

tank, fenders, saddlebags, & fairings.

Semi-permanent Coatings and need yearly maintenance.

Our entry-level coating includes 3-step decontamination cleaning and clay bar preparation.

This package gives you 1-2 years of protection.

Semi-Permanent Package (coat all paint/tins)

starts at $399

Additional Services

Machine Polishing

  • NPaint
  • NChrome
  • NAluminum

Bike Week/Event Staging

Four-stage Decontamination

  • NWash
  • NClean chrome and paint
  • NClean wheels
  • NApply a paint sealant


“This is the minimum retail price of the coating and 4-step decontamination included. This is not a full paint correction process.”

Your Experience is our guarantee

Not only does our top-tier ceramic coating leave your equipment with the incredible gloss and depth that we’re known for but also provides warranty-backed ease of maintenance for years to come as well as industry-leading protection from acid, UV damage, and mineral deposits all backed by a 3-year warranty.