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Ceramic Coatings Explained

Seeing as you have found your way here I am going to make a few assumptions,
1: You want your car to look great all the time.
2: You have run yourself ragged with the basics, (daily to weekly washing, monthly waxing) to get rid of those scratches, water spots, dirt, road grime, etc. only to be unsatisfied with the results and the constant hassle of having to continually keep up with the routine.

3: You find yourself searching for something new that will give you the level of presentation you desire with very minimal routine maintenance. A permanent solution to solve the issues of constant maintenance, oxidation, acid damage, and water spots.Undoubtedly in your search for a miracle solution for your car you have heard the words Ceramic Coating, the internet seems to be saturated with bad facts and sales pitches concerning ceramic coatings so our goal in this article is to summarize and clarify what a ceramic coating truly is, as well as what it DOES and DOES NOT offer.Professional grade ceramic coating is a chemical polymer solution that is applied to the exterior of your vehicle. Ceramic coatings chemically bond with your clear-coat to form a hydrophobic layer of protection from external paint damage.

So what does that mean exactly? Ceramic coatings bond with the surface of the clear coat without effecting the vehicles paint and provides its protection as a new outer layer to shield your paint from harmful external elements.

What are the actual benefits of ceramic coating?


Minimal maintenance: along with the protections provided a ceramic coated vehicle generally requires far less upkeep than a non coated vehicle, never wax again!
Acid protection: weather you realize it or not your car is constantly under attack (especially here in the south) by acid damage, this comes in the form of bug guts, bird poop, and other harmful elements such as spilt chemicals, gasoline, etc.
UV protection: We all know how easily the sun can damage things, your car is no different, UV damage from direct sunlight is one of the major causes of Oxidation and clear coat damage.
Water Spots and Chemical Etching: Ever wonder why you have spots left behind on your vehicle after washing or from rainwater, sprinklers, puddles, etc.? Water acts as a carrier for chemicals which are left behind on your vehicle after the water evaporates, these chemicals then start eating through your cars paint and do not stop until they reach metal. Ceramic coatings are resistant to chemical damage and help to prevent water spots.
Scratch and chip resistance: professional grade ceramic coatings create a much harder outer layer than your paint previously provided, this helps to prevent damage from light scratches and impacts.
Hydrophobic Layer: ceramic coatings become a hydrophobic shell on the exterior of your vehicle this causes water to instantly bead up and shed off of the surface of your car which makes washing an absolute breeze and also helps to prevent the depositing of harmful chemicals that would normally build up on your paint.
on top of being hydrophobic Ceramic coating positively charges the surface which keeps particles from being able to easily grab on or bond to the surface of your vehicle.
Ultimate Shine: ceramic coating enhances the gloss and depth of your car’s paint and greatly improves the aesthetics of your car.

Common myths of ceramic coatings.

Ceramic coatings are indestructible: yes professional grade ceramic coatings are far stronger and resistant to external elements than a typical paint job or wax coating but much like anything else in this world that does not mean it is completely indestructible.
Paint scratches and chips: much the same as above ceramic coatings can protect from some light or minor scratches due to its added hardness it is not a bulletproof layer and will not protect from harder impacts or scratches.
Lifetime Warranty: yes many permanent ceramic coatings do come with a “Lifetime Warranty” no this does not mean it is covered for the rest of your human existence. The term “Lifetime Warranty” in this case is generally referring to the average span of time someone is expected to own one single vehicle. Where ceramic coatings are concerned a “Lifetime warranty” is usually around 7 years, be sure to ask your installer the length and terms of any “Lifetime Warranty” for your own clarification.

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